4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Secret Sauce Not Shortcuts

Many entrepreneurs I run into are looking for some magic bullet or shortcut. I think this has a lot to do with our minute rice culture that many of us have been brought up in. We have come to expect that we can get anything we want with little or no effort. Many entrepreneurs are also of the mindset that if something doesn’t work the first or second time they try it, they just quit and move on.

Remember this: If your business can be BUILT on a shortcut, it can be WIPED OUT by someone else’s shortcut. What you want is to have your business built around a system that is so strong that no matter what the competition or the market does, your business will thrive. You can’t have a business like this without having your own secret sauce.

Here are just 4 reasons why your business needs a secret sauce:

1. Stability – The stability factor is underappreciated in business. Imagine knowing that for all time your business will at least maintain your current level of revenue and profit. That’s a comforting thought. A secret sauce gives you this stability through the repetitive nature of your system. It also gives you a foundation that you can count on, plan around, and grow from.

2. Performance Monitoring – When you consistently follow your secret sauce recipe, you gain the ability to monitor it. This will tell you right away if you miss an ingredient or if something is off. This allows you to course correct on a daily basis and not have to wait until the end of the month or the quarter. This also allows you to try new things and instantly measure their success.

3. Momentum – Once you have stability and performance monitoring in place, you can GROW fast! Momentum is a key factor of growth. It takes time and energy to get leads flowing into the business, the skill to close them, and the customer service to keep them. Once you are in a rhythm, you need that to continue in order to stay in your “zone” and perform at the highest levels possible.

4. Distinction – One of the worst things that can happen to you in business is being directly compared to your competitors. You want to stand out and have people say, “Wow! This doesn’t look like the other companies in the sea of choices”. A secret sauce allows you to brand your style, quality, and delivery of your products and services above your competition. Stand out, get noticed, and win the client!

Insiders Tip: So you may be left asking: So what goes into my secret sauce? If so, check out my other article below on my Top 7 Secret Weapons of Business Success. Those are the 7 key ingredients in my secret sauce.