My Mission

Is to Radically improve the lives of my clients by any means necessary.

My Culture

Family is Everything – Family isn’t first, it’s everything!  Family is the foundation we build on.  We are committed to investing as much time as possible with our family.  We will remember every birthday, anniversary, and special occasion.  We will organize our business lives around our family activities like dropping off and picking the kids up from school, softball games, and recitals.  We realize that our business is just a vehicle to make our family happy and it should never get in the way of family.

World Domination – Our goal is to be the best in the world at what we do.  Period.  Even when we are proven to be the best, we will continue to improve and innovate so that our competition cannot catch us.

No Dogs Allowed – Of course pets are allowed (and even encouraged).  We don’t however allow ANYONE on our team that chooses not to perform at the highest levels.  No dogs, slackers, lazy bums, parasites, or leeches allowed.  Ever!  We work smart and hard around here and expect our entire team to go above and beyond.

Location is Irrelevant – We operate in the “world” economy and thus we have clients all over the world.  This means we don’t have a home office, we have offices in our homes.  We can work from anywhere in the world without impacting performance or expectations of our clients.  We are up to speed on the latest technologies and use video, screen sharing, and other tools to regularly look our clients in the eye, share documents, and collaborate effectively.

Capture Knowledge – We go out of our way to write down everything we learn.  When possible, we build systems around this knowledge and pass these systems on to our clients and the next generation.  We regularly write articles, blogs, and the occasional book.  We don’t write superfluous gibberish for the sake of hitting some meaningless word count or page goal.  Our writing is succinct, powerful, and packed with critical information that our audience can take action on.

More about me:  Michael LeJeune

What Separates Michael From Other StrategistsConsultants, and Coaches:

  • Leadership – I gain trust, respect, and authority very quickly in an organization
  • Outside the box thinking – I can think quickly and uniquely in a multitude of situations
  • Analytical skills – I have a rare combination of analytical and creative thinking skills
  • Attention to detail – I have a keen eye and ear to catch the small things

Team Building – Michael knows how to recruit, train, and build powerful teams.  Michael most often uses a 4 step approach to recruiting new team members that saves time and money during the recruiting process as well as selects the best candidates.  Michael has been extensively trained by ActionCOACH on techniques to use in group training in order to get teams to work and play together as well as communicate better.  Often, communication is the number one problem with a team and helping team members communicate better and more clearly will most likely result in increased productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction and retention.

Another huge aspect of team building is planning.  Michael gets team members out of the office to plan each quarter and once a year to look at the big picture.  Michael has a gift for being able to build vision in his team and work with the team to build solid SMART goals and milestones that they can achieve as a team and as individuals.

Coaching and Mentoring – After employees are selected, Michael goes into his niche of coaching and mentoring team members into thriving employees.  Michael focuses on the team member’s strengths and invests a portion of time helping them overcome obstacles that are stopping them from taking that next step.  A large part of this is mental obstacles that Michael can help them overcome through masterful coaching techniques.  One of Michael’s major strengths is his questioning techniques that allow the individual being coached to unlock mental obstacles on their own by leading them down the right path.  This significantly empowers the individual and gives them a great confidence boost due to the fact that they were able to come up with the answers.

Coaching is an ongoing process that builds on each session and strengthens an employee’s foundation in each session while tackling new obstacles and goals in each session.  A major part of Michael’s coaching process is getting employees to set goals and work with them on how to achieve these goals.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the element of trust in coaching.  An employee will often expose very sensitive things about their confidence or abilities in a coaching session.  Michael has a tremendous gift for being able to gain trust in the first session and build on that trust with each meeting.  Michael often has people telling him things in the very first session that they have rarely if ever told to anyone.

Sales – Michael’s approach to sales involves three major aspects.  1.  Building a great relationship with the client.  2. Having an abundance of knowledge about what is being sold.  3.  Always being open and honest with a client.  These three foundations have made Michael a record setter in every company he has sold for.  Additionally, one of Michael’s greatest skills is his ability to ask questions and truly listen to a client.  This allows Michael to really get to the center of what a client not only needs, but what they really want as well.  One of the biggest mistakes of a sales person is only selling people what they need.  Michael overcomes this by focusing on what they want first and then adding their true needs into the situation to provide a total package for the client.

Michael uses simple sales processes for selling.  They vary in size, but typically run 8 to 15 steps and approximately 6 or 7 “touches” per client before the sale to build rapport and establish professionalism.

Marketing – Michael has written and helped write hundreds of marketing pieces for just about any kind of business you can image.  In addition to writing the pieces, Michael has also helped with or flat out built the marketing campaigns for these pieces from A to Z.  He has been involved in print, Internet, radio, coupon, flyer, and many other forms of marketing or advertising.  In addition to this, he has built campaigns that combine these advertising methods with several other methods such as in store sales, speaking engagements, trade shows, etc.

Training/Teaching – One of Michael’s greatest skills and passions is training and teaching.  As a business coach, Michael does 1 hour, 3 hour, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, and 1 week workshops where he trains on the fundamentals of growing a business, sales made simple, marketing made easy, public speaking, team building, business planning, goal setting, and many other topics.  Michael’s command of the stage and a room coupled with his speaking and educating technique allow people to walk away with practical action steps that they can take home and implement immediately.

Speaking – Michael loves to speak on stage, in groups, or small meetings.  He speaks quite often to chambers of commerce, industry groups, networking groups, and to social or religious groups on the topics of how to grow any business and the fundamentals involved in being successful.  Michael’s talks are fast, fun, humorous and cover a lot of ground.  People take pages of notes and he is always bombarded with a long line of people after the talk.  Michael has experience in selling from the stage in these talks as well as informational talks that promote him and his business.

Business Generalist – Michael is known as a business generalist.  In a time where most people are getting specialized degrees, people like Michael are focused on becoming great leaders who have mastered the basics in all areas of business so that he can recruit, hire, and train specialists to do the job he wants done.  Its Michael’s rare leadership skills that allow him to diversify in all areas of business so that he has a firm grasp of any area of a business.  This allows Michael to make decisions and take action that most specialists could never do because of their lack of knowledge of how an entire organization runs and functions best.

The 5 Ways – The 5 ways refers to a formula that is the underlying foundation of every business.  The 5 Ways are:  Number of Leads, Conversion Rate, Number of Transactions, Average Dollar Sale, and Profit Margin.  Michael has had more than 15 years experience working with these 5 areas of business and using over 380 strategies to improve the 5 areas of any business.


Integrity – You know what you are going to get with Michael each time.  He speaks what he means and means what he speaks.  You can count on him to be moral, ethical, and wholesome in any situation.

Honesty – Michael highly believes in always speaking the truth no matter how ugly the truth may be.  He may be able to put it to you tactfully, but his honest nature is loved by his clients.

Loyalty – Michael doesn’t bend with the times.  He takes loyalty very seriously and knows that people and companies can make mistakes.  It’s often part of his job to help an individual or a company overcome its mistakes.

Outside the box thinking – Ever since Michael was a little kid, he has awed people with ability to think outside the box in almost any situation.  You will find that he can come up with dozens of possible solutions to just about any problem.  In addition to this, his coaching and mentoring skills will kick in and he will get his team to come up with solutions that they would have never thought of and then help them select and implement the best solution.

Leadership – This is one of Michael’s greatest strengths.  He has the ability to quickly establish himself as a leader in an organization and take charge.  People love his ability to think quickly, make decisions, and adjust course as necessary.  His ability to gain trust quickly with his team is also critical to establishing himself as their leader.

Attention to Detail – Michael has an almost photographic memory when it comes to anything he hears, writes, or sees.  This allows him to learn VERY quickly, but also allows him to pay very close attention to detail and pick up minor discrepancies that most people miss.

Analytical – Most people are either big picture or little picture thinkers.  Michael has a gift for both.  He was also trained in cryptology or “code breaking” by the Army which uses very complex analysis to decipher highly complex military situations.  This gives Michael a distinct advantage in the marketplace by being able to really break down a situation into small parts and make sense of them.

Decisive – One of the things most people love about Michael is his ability to make a decision.  Michael does carefully weigh his options, but doesn’t hesitate to call the shots.  Hesitation is often what kills a leader.  A good leader makes good decisions, but a great leader will make twice as many decisions simply to move the ship forward.  You can always correct course, but you will never get your time back and time is one our most valuable resources in business.

Creative – In addition to being able to think outside the box, Michael is highly creative when it comes to business.  Michael can create documentation, business plans, articles, press releases, and just about anything you can come up with a need for in business.  Even if Michael has never done a project before, he can quickly come up with the knowledge and resources to make it happen.

Driven – You won’t find many people in this world who will work tirelessly to get the job done.  You will however find that in Michael.  When he gets a project or goal on his mind, he will do everything in his power to accomplish it and he will use every resource at his disposal to make that happen.

Biblical Principles – This is probably the most important factor that Michael brings to any company.  He has a firm footing on what the bible says about situations and he reacts with biblical responses that lead to great prosperity, peace, and happiness.  Being grounded in principles that have been around since creation gives Michael a distinct advantage over others who operate on “personal principles” that have not stood the test of time or so many other successful people in history.  This also ensures that as an employer, you get the best decision, actions, and results possible each and every time with Michael in charge.

DISC Profile

Michael has a high “D” personality with a secondary high “I” personality.  So he is very dominating and driven in his environment, while also being very much a people person who easily makes friends and builds relationships.  His “C” personality is also off the charts for someone with a high “D” personality.  His profile is what researchers call “The Millionaire’s Hook”, basically a High “D” with a large amount of “C”.  This gives Michael a rare combination of drive to get things started while also possessing the “C” or details side of things that gets things done with great detail.  Michael can also mirror any DISC profile in order to communicate effectively with other styles.

Learning and Communication Style

Michael is highly auditory which gives him a distinct advantage in listening to people and gathering minor details from conversations that most people miss.  While being auditory, Michael is also well balanced in his visual and kinesthetic learning and communication skills so that he blends in very well with the rest of the population and can easily spot and adapt to the learning style of anyone he comes into contact with.  This gives him a distinct advantage in the marketplace, with his team, and with his peers so that he can communicate with and teach anyone on their appropriate level.


Some of Michael’s favorite hobbies include hiking, geocaching, spending time with his family, movies, reading, and listening to great music.  In addition, Michael also likes working with community organizations to help out in the local community and helping to fund projects around the world.  Overall, Michael is a pretty relaxed guy that enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying the moment.

Community Involvement

Michael is an active member of St. Louis Family Church and an active volunteer with Service International.  Michael enjoys working for Service International on disaster relief projects that help people get their homes cleaned up, gutted, and rebuilt.  Michael has also helped fund relief projects around the world such as, cleanup in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, cleanup of Pacific Missouri, building a school in Kosovo, and building an aids clinic in south Africa.

Military Service

Michael served honorably in the United States Army from February 1995 to February of 1999.  He was trained as a Signals Intelligence Analyst with complex cryptography and graduated his advanced training with a near perfect record.  Michael then proceeded to Ft. Hood Texas and served in the Division office of the 2nd Armored Division G2 and the 4th Infantry Division G2/Intel Office.   While serving in this position, Michael was the youngest senior enlisted soldier in charge of intelligence collaboration, systems, and software testing for FORCE XXI.  FORCE XXI tests all of the new technology for the army and finds ways to integrate that with army processes.  Michael received several medals during his service, including multiple Army Achievement Medals, Military Service Medals, and the prestigious Army Commendation Medals.

Personal Mentors

Michael understands the value of having a mentor and has been coached by authors, speakers, trainers, and coaches and CEO’s for the past 15 years.  He has sought out the best of the best in each industry to personally get the best training money can buy.  The best news for you, is that since Michael has already invested in all this training, he can pass on the wisdom from this at a fraction of the cost to you.

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