Who is RSM Federal?

RSM Federal is a government contractor consulting company.  We have over 25 years helping government contractors WIN more contracts.  My partner Joshua Frank and I are the primary consultants for the firm.  Whether you are brand new to government contracting or a seasoned company with 50 years of experience, we can help you take your government business to the next level.

How We Help Our Clients

We take a unique approach to helping every client.  We start out with a custom 2-day workshop on-site with new clients where we literally go A through Z – everything government contracting with you.  We hit all of the basics as well as who your target market is, what value you really provide, how to position your products and services, we create a plan of attack for approaching the market, and we answer every single question you have about government contracting.

After the 2-day workshop, most companies choose one of three support options.

Option 1 (our most popular option): Coaching – This support option gives you two coaching sessions per month where we assist by keeping you on track and continuing to educate and support your every need.

Option 2: Advisory – This is a more intense support system and is very custom to every client.  In this situation, we are typically coaching you AND helping do some of the work as well.

Option 3: Federal Access – Our online support and training system offers email support at the corporate level as well as every document and resource you could possibly need for winning government contracts.  The Advisor level provides one call per month in addition to all of the online resources.

To Learn More About RSM Federal

Visit:  www.rsmfederal.com

Or email me directly at mlejeune@rsmfederal.com

To Learn More About Federal Access

Visit:  www.federal-access.com

Or email me directly at mlejeune@rsmfederal.com