“We doubled our business in the first year and nearly tripled it in the second year. Michael coached me through getting a general manager on board and now I’ve worked myself completely out of my business. I make more money now and I don’t even show up. I can’t believe it.” – Jim, Disaster Cleaning and Restoration Owner

“We were clients for 18 months. In that time frame, Michael took our business from $1M in annual sales to just over $11M in annual sales. We did not think this was even possible.” – James, Software Company CEO

“I had a 507% increase in my business last year. I owe it all to Michael’s advice and guidance.” – Michael, Consulting Business Owner

“Thanks to Michael, I increased revenues by 32% the last 2 years and increased profit margins above 50%.“ – Greg, Skating Rink Owner.

“We doubled our revenues in 6 months and now after 3 years we have gone from $150K to $2 Million in revenues.” – Mark, Staffing Firm

“Michael gave me the courage to start my own real estate business. I now own 6 properties and I have a huge list of sellers that I’m working. Thanks Michael!” Steve, Property Investor

“Michael’s guidance was critical when I started my business. It helped me avoid a lot of common mistakes.” Pam, Business Consulting Owner

“We have expanded into a new building and more than doubled our team.  This is a dream come true for us.” – Amy, Hair Salon and Spa Owner

“A service contract with a tech firm fell apart and caused us harm to our reputation.  We contacted Michael and he came through for us by coaching us through the whole process of selecting a new vendor and building our credibility back”.  – Jaime, Marketing Company Owner

“We are finally making a profit in our little business after 7 years of losing money.” John, Golf Course Owner

“We just conducted our first profitable project after 5 years in business.  We typically lose 3 to 5% on a job and this time we made 31%”.  – Mark, Remodeling and construction Owner

“I’ve worked with one of Michael’s clients for 10 years now.  He helped them make more progress on our partnership in 6 months than they did the previous 10 years.” – Lance,  Partner Manager, Microsoft

“I recently had an issue with one of our service providers late on a Friday evening.  This issue impacted our whole business, all employees, and our clients.  I needed someone to talk to and Michael got back to me within minutes.  He calmed me down and found a way to put this into perspective.”  – Shelly, Legal Firm Partner

“I was having a problem with one of our vendors for 3 days with no support.  One email to Michael asking for help cured the problem in about 20 minutes.  He’s awesome at helping you resolve any issue.”  – Rob, NY Baseball Team

“We recently celebrating 1 year coaching with Michael.  Our revenues are up over 30% this year and we are on track to similar growth for year 2.  We celebrated with an engraved bottle of wine that Michael picked out for us.  If you knew us, you would know how perfect this gift was.”  Denise, Family Entertainment Business Owner

“Michael’s Wisdom was critical to my business. I’ve been in business for over 17 years now, but never really learned how to be an owner until working with Michael.” Penny, Attorney

“That was a great call today. I am feeling very encouraged. The whole picture of all that we need to improve – conversion, value-confirming scripts, tracking and record keeping – is daunting.  Without working with you, I have never been able to even begin, no matter how many classes and seminars I have taken. Now, I feel that your step-by-step guidance will get me through it to see great improvement (just in the knick of time, at my age)” – Judy, Realtor

“Do you want someone to not only work with, but be a friend when you need one. That’s Michael. He’s there for you no matter what you need.” Diana, Staffing Company Owner

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